The start

I could be like every other ‘travel blogger’ and start this site off with Tolkein’s somewhat overused (yet apt) line, “Not all those who wander are lost”, but sadly in my case, I’ll probably be wandering around in a high state of panic, due to being completely and utterly in the wrong place.

After returning from the first festival of summer 2013, I realised that sitting at a desk being an adult wasn’t really working for me. Being a grown up and doing grown up things just wasn’t turning out the way I expected, and I started making plans to leave the country as soon as I could.

After making a pact with Exeter housemate and all-round brilliant person, Sophie, to be with her on my 23rd birthday, wherever she was in the world, it seemed like the right time to get out of the UK, and combine a trip to see Soph, with exploring Australia.

So, what happens when you go to the other side of the world, alone, with very little common or directional sense? Best case scenario, I’m hoping to come back with a newfound talent for reading maps (and a tan), but I’m fairly certain most people are hedging their bets on not seeing me for a very, very long time (or getting postcards from Austria).

As of 23rd January, I’ll be flying out to Vancouver to meet Sophie, spending three weeks getting used to being abroad (and getting as many how-to-survive-life tips off her), then carrying on to Melbourne on February 15th.

I’d like to say I have some sort of travel plans, but apart from “I want to see a polar bear/brumby/wombat”, the itinerary section of my notebook has little else scrawled down than ‘Tasmania – PRETTY!!’ and ‘WHERE ARE BRUMBIES??’. Surprisingly, I’m not a good planner, and will probably do everything on the plane. Then panic, due to not having any information. Then give up and sit and read on a beach for five months (note: this could suddenly switch from a ooh look where I’ve been blog, to a ooh let me tell you ALL about what I’ve just read blog).

Chances are, this is going to be filled with adequate-to-bad photos, and lots of talking (writing?) about things that have nothing to do with Canada, Australia, or travelling. Enjoy!


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